The event is aimed at a qualified public directly linked to the sector: milk producers, technicians and extensionists in primary production, technicians of the processing industries, suppliers, senior executives and directors of the dairy industries, directors and union leaders (producer and/or industries organizations) researchers, government representatives, students, specialized press. The Organization of the 15th Congress expects to receive more than 1,000 participants from some 30 countries.

The importance of the Congress

The Productive Milk Chain is an important segment of the agribusiness and the economy in general, since it constitutes one of the most integrated agro-industrial production chains, generating rural development, labor sources, as well as fostering great foreign exchange for the region, as it integrates with highlight the agro-export offer.

Milk and dairy products are essential foods for the population, being one of the main sources of protein, vitamins, calcium as well as other minerals and other nutrients essential in food.

The Congress, besides being the main dairy event of the region, is an area of ​​union and bond of all the actors of the chain, mainly of the Latin American countries.

Satellite Offices

The Congress in addition to the main office in Buenos Aires will have 2 satellite offices one in Villa María, Córdoba and another one in Rafaela, Santa Fe,  with the aim of reaching a larger audience especially the one that is based in the main productive areas.


The event is focused to the future. The program of conferences and symposiums will analyze the main trends in markets and innovation, as well as where companies and producers go, new technologies, human resources, the new business structures, among other topics.


All the technical-scientific sessions of the Congress will have simultaneous translation in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese

Technical Tours

The Congress Organizing Committee is planning various options of technical / tourist visits to farms and dairy establishments to carry out once the Congress is over.

Visiting the landscapes of the Provinces of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe and Córdoba, which are some of the main dairy basins of Latin America, participants can learn about the reality of the production and industrial sector of Argentina.