The Pan American Dairy Congresses were since its inception extremely fermental, because from them emerged actions and initiatives that were gradually materialized.

Perhaps the most important one of those initiatives was the creation of the Pan- American Dairy Federation, born as an idea and transformed into a solid reality like the one we have today, which in turn provokes events and benefits to those who work in the dairy sectors of the continent.

It was precisely in Buenos Aires that took place the first Pan American Dairy Congress from April 19 to 22 of 1982, and about 2,000 people participated. Simultaneously, other important meetings were held: the International Agro-industrial Exhibition and the International Livestock Breeding Exhibition.

In April 1997, Buenos Aires received for the second time a Pan American Dairy Congress held within the FILAC 97 (International Dairy Industry and Dairy Production Fair), Dairy Cattle Exhibition and Fair and Business Roundtable.

Background information of the Pan-American Dairy Congresses: Chile 2016 – Mexico 2014 – Paraguay 2012 – Brazil 2010 – Costa Rica 2008 – Brazil 2006- Miami 2004.

The Pan-American Dairy Congress has always had the sponsorship of several international, national and related companies to the sector.